Conquer Your Fear of Speaking!

Learn how to be a more comfortable and confident speaker with supportive Master Coach Laurie Schloff

All about Conquer Your Fear of Speaking!

Are you nervous in speaking situations?

Is fear holding you back?

Would you like to be a more comfortable and confident speaker?

If so, you are not alone!

That's why we developed Conquer Your Fear of Speaking!

You'll be guided step by step as you gradually learn to:

  • Understand what the fear of speaking is all about
  • Control the physical symptoms
  • Manage unhelpful thinking patterns and be more self accepting
  • Interact with others in ways that enhance your comfort

And along the way, you'll have fun, materials, videos and support from Master Coach Laurie Schloff. All on your own schedule and pace! Take your first step now!

PS I'm confident you'll be more in control of your nervousness with the Conquer Your Fear of Speaking program. As a special bonus, I'm offering you 10 out of 40 missions for free.

Get started below!

Laurie Schloff is a lifelong speech and communication coach who guides you with activities and practical actions you can apply in your everyday life. Laurie has devoted her career to helping clients in all walks of life be effective and comfortable communicators.

Laurie is president of Partners In Communication, Inc. and the author of the popular books Smart Speaking and He and She Talk. She is a host on two podcasts, Speech Queens and Her Voice and appeared as a guest expert on OPRAH and the TODAY show in the USA.

Laurie founded the Fear of Speaking Association in 1989. She brings a wealth of expertise, experience , humor and friendliness to your myQuest experience.

Laurie welcomes all your questions and suggestions, and is with you all the way on your Quest to Conquer your Fear of Speaking.

Contact her at

1-617-571-0944 USA

Laurie will help you Speak for Success!

Quest Curriculum

  • 7 Levels
  • Coaching By Laurie Schloff, President, Partners in Communication Inc.
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Learn about your Fear of Speaking (FOS)

    You'll feel supported and enthused as you learn what communication experts know about the fear of speaking. Enjoyable and easy quizzes and thought provoking questions will add to your success.

  • Level 02

    Nail your Fear of Speaking (FOS) profile

    You'll have a chance to learn about and analyze your nervousness. No worries--it will be fun. The more knowledge you have about a challenge, the more in control you will feel.

  • Level 03

    Fearbusters: The Three C's

    You'll be introduced to the three Fearbusters which will help you conquer your FOS from now on: COMFORT--Reducing physical stress, CONFIDENCE--Thinking in more helpful ways, and CONNECTION--Employing friendliness to reduce stress.

  • Level 04

    The 1st C: Confidence

    Confidence defined:You'll emerge from this level with the ability to think in new and helpful ways. You'll discover how to determine if your thought patterns are helpful or not and to adjust your "headset" accordingly. You may need to stop being such a perfectionist and so hard on yourself though!

  • Level 05

    The 2nd C: Comfort (Let's get physical!)

    Time to get those butterflies to fly in formation and feel more control over disruptive physical symptoms like heart racing, fast breathing and speed. You'll learn research tested breathing and visualization techniques. You'll have a chance to create your own personal calm scene....Ahhh!

  • Level 06

    The 3rd C: Make a CONNECTION

    Connection: The secret sauce to controlling fear is eventually putting focus on your listeners or audience. You'll learn how to show warmth and friendliness, EVEN when you feel nervous!

  • Level 07

    Great C -ing You on our Quest!

    You are on your way to feeling more comfortable in speaking situations. You'll develop a goal plan to continue your successful Quest. You'll deserve a big BRAVO! for your effort and progress. It will be a great feeling to know that you are on your way to Conquer Your Fear of Speaking!

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Success Stories

  • Tori Hollingworth, Company President

    A practical, engaging and fun learning experience

    "Conquer your Fear of Speaking is such a helpful start to being more comfortable and being less nervous. I call Laurie the "Speech Queen" and look forward to her next quest."

  • James Logan, Director of State Agency

    Great tool for progress which you can apply fast

    "Learning with Laurie Schloff's program is fun, even if you are nervous. I really like how there is so much variety, so you are never bored. All the missions really make your think. At the same time, the quizzes are easy but fun. You learn a lot about yourself and your nervousness. Most importantly, I'm happy with how comfortable I'm feeling."

Start your Journey now

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First 10 Missions FREE

  • 29

    Access to online course

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  • 199

    Access to course+ 1-hour coaching session

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